Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year, New Goal

Happy New Year! Well, my goal this year is to start a blog, so here's my first try. The funny part is that I'm so self conscious that I am not telling anyone that I'm starting a blog, it's more of a diary for Eric and I. Maybe after a few months if I really keep up with it I'll open it up to others, but right now I'm too shy. So, if you stumble upon me, I hope you enjoy and that I'm not too lame.

Other New Year Goals:
1. Get back into new music and bands: I used to be in the know of new upcoming bands and musicians that were really getting out there with new ideas, but since moving back from London I've let my knowledge start to slide. So, I promise to start experimenting with new music and reporting the good, the bad, and the ugly right here!
2. Support the arts in DFW: OK, so if I check out new local bands (see #1) I will be killing two birds with one stone, but I also mean other types of music and other types of art. I feel like Eric and I should take some of the money we spend eating out, and instead, cook at home and use that to attend more lectures, musicals, plays, art shows, etc.

3. Paint: So, almost six months ago I bought some acrylics and canvases, but have yet to jump in. I have loads of ideas but I'm almost afraid to start. If I ever paint anything I can stand to look at I will post it here, I promise.

To those of you that have goals for 2009, good luck!

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